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Do You Want to Improve Your English Conversation Skills?

Do you speak English well, but feel uncomfortable conversing in English with your American friends? At Daily English Audio, we want to teach you to speak real English like an American would.

Learning English

With our cool daily English grammar lessons, you will learn to speak real English using the latest American slang and idioms, understand the dynamics of casual conversation and every day situations, and develop the confidence necessary to blend in with native English speakers.

Over a Million Happy Students Since 1999

We've been teaching English to students all over the world for over 10 years. Our company has had over a million happy visitors to our English learning websites, and we'd like you to be our next customer.

At Daily English Audio, we are so confident you will love our daily English lessons, that we are offering a special rate of just $5/month for a subscription to Daily English Audio. Yes, that's right. For just $5 each month, you will receive a new MP3 English lesson 5 days a week with the option to cancel at any time. All we ask in return is that the next time your ESL friends ask you where you learned to speak English so well, you tell them about the Daily English Audio course.

Immediate Access to Over a Hundred English Lessons

Can you spare $0.16/day? If so, you will be granted immediate access to over 100 real American English lessons, with a cool, new MP3 English lesson published every weekday. That's only a few cents a day to master a skill that will last you a lifetime. Download as many English lesson MP3s as you want, it's all included for only $5 each month. With Daily English Audio, you can learn real American conversational English for just pennies a day!

Did You Learn Your English from a Text Book?

Find it difficult to understand the conversations of native English speakers? You may be missing out on a lot of common American English slang words and idioms. These interesting words and phrases are necessary for casual daily English conversation with native English speakers, but can't be learned from a standard text book or even looked up in an English dictionary.

Daily English Lessons

Daily English Audio MP3 lessons use modern, urban American English slang terms and idioms to help you color up your speech and make you sound like a native English speaker. Every day, you will hear a new English MP3 conversation between typical American friends discussing such things as movies, sports, music, business, and more using words and phrases common to large American cities. Along with a daily grammar lesson and a brief discussion to help you understand the vocabulary, you will learn real English in no time at all. Stop speaking like a text book, and start sounding like a native speaker!

Do You Want to Perfect Your English?

Yes, of course you do! We want to help you learn real English, and we are so confident that you will love our daily English lessons, that for a limited time, we are offering subscriptions to our daily English lesson course for only $5/month!

But you don't need to take our word for it. Here are some testimonials from former students who have used our English lessons with great success:

“I think it is a good source for people really interested in learning and improving their English skills. I studied English for three years, but I know that I have so much to learn yet, and I'm workin' on it to achieve that goal.” - Cayra, Dominican Republic

“I'm so happy that I'm a member. I learned so much from the lessons, especially the slang & idioms” - Khatun, Azerbaijan

“Daily English Audio rocks...” - Viviane, South Korea

“I love this web site!!!” - Diana, Colombia

Do You Have Trouble Understanding American English in Movies or Music?

Americans use quite a lot of slang in conversation, much of which is constantly changing and hard to understand. At Daily English Audio, we teach the use of cool, new, up-to-date American slang and grammar so that you won't sound funny while speaking with your overseas friends and business relations. Many English textbooks, including your own, may be using slang and idioms written in the 1960s or even earlier. We will teach you to speak real English like a modern American would.

When you learn real English using our cool daily English lessons, you will begin to grasp the patterns of the American accent, speech and conversations, making it easier to understand dialog in American movies and TV shows. Do you want to watch American TV shows without the subtitles on? Learning to understand American speech by practicing daily with Daily English Audio MP3 lessons is a great way to start!

Why You Shouldn't Learn English From a Text Book

Text books are boring! They use English language examples that don't always relate to every day situations or life in general. After looking through dozens of text books, we've found that the most effective way to learn real English on your own is through the use of fun daily English audio lessons.

Learning English

Every weekday, Daily English Audio will present you with a cool new MP3 audio English lesson featuring a casual conversation between young, urban Americans. In these English lessons, they speak about common daily situations like those you may come across yourself. Whether it's what they thought about a recent movie or their favorite new band, they never cease to present you with new tools for developing your American English conversation skills.

Want to Know The Secret to Speaking with a True American Accent?

Learning to speak with an American accent is hard. But it doesn't have to be! Learn real English with MP3 audio English lessons— it's the best way to hear the minor sounds and differences of the American accent. By using English language audio lessons instead of text, your mind will be forced to focus on the subtle accents and intonations of every day American speech without the distractions of spelling and text.

Learning English with our inexpensive MP3 audio English lessons is a great way to get rid of your accent once and for all! Best of all, our English language speakers are young people from metropolitan areas, removing the need for any concerns about regional dialects affecting your new American accent.

How to Save Money and Learn Real English Fast

English language learning software through MP3 audio lessons can be very expensive. Some CD-ROM software courses can cost over $300 and we've even heard that one online English learning website is charging almost $100 just for a download! Here at Daily English Audio, we understand that you need to learn real English fast, but can't afford to hand your entire paycheck over for your education.

For a limited time only, we are offering our exclusive MP3 English audio daily lessons for only $5/month! Yes, that's right. For only $5 per month, you will receive a new MP3 audio English lesson 5 days a week. If you don't like our English lessons, you can cancel at any time. Don't miss out on this great opportunity. Join us now, and master your English!

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